Three-Axis Coarse/Fine Joystick-Type Micromanipulator

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Narishige's MN-151 is a lightweight, 3-axis mechanical micromanipulator which has coarse movements in the X, Y, and Z directions. In addition to the 3 coarse axes of movement, the MN-151 also incorporates fine, joystick-controlled movements in the X-Y plane. A knob with 5 um gradations provides fine mechanical movement in the Z axis.
The MN-151 is very versatile, and can be mounted in a variety of orientations on both the left and right sides of a microscope stage. It can be used to manipulate the primary needle holder in applications such as Drosophila, C. elegans, Xenopus, and Zebrafish microinjection. It also can be used in other applications such as mammalian oocyte microinjection, where it can be used as a versatile holding-pipette manipulator and for Yeast Tetrad microdissection.
*Please note that the P-1A Height Adjustment Plate (not included) is required to attach the MN-151 to Narishige's bracket systems. A needle holder, such as our MINJ-4, Narishige's HI-7, H-7 or HI-9, also needs to be purchased separately.

Accessories includedB-8B Ball Joint
Movement rangeCoarseX25mm, Y20mm, Z25mm
Fine movement: Z axis 8mm
Full rotation of fine knob 500um
Minimum graduation 5um
Joystick control 1:150 - 1:15 (X-Y plane movement ratio)
Dimensions/WeightW95 x D90 x H110mm, 470g


Q: What are the main differences between the MN-151 and MN-153 micro manipulators?
A: MN-153 and MN-151 both have 3-axis course movement. MN-153 has an additional fine movement in the X-axis (the direction toward the sample) and no fine movement in Y or Z. MN-151 has an additional fine movement in the Z-axis (lowering down to the same plane as the sample) plus it has the joystick for fine, coordinated movement in X and Y. If you move the joystick left and right, the needle moves towards and away from the sample, respectively. If you move the joystick toward you or away from your, the needle moves toward you and away from you in the Y axis, respectively.
The MN-151 makes it easier to line up the needle before injection. However, the biggest advantage is that the needle moves at a speed proportional to the speed you move the joystick, so it is easier to make the needle pierce the eggs.

Q: What are the types of mounting adapter needed to attach the MN-151 to the scope? Does the mounting adaptor attach below or behind the stage?
A: The NZ-19-2 mounts on the illumination pillar, not onto the stage. This makes it really easy to change samples, because on your scope, you can set it so that you can tilt the pillar toward the back, which will cause the micromanipulator to lift up and out of the way. The NZ-19-2 goes out to the side, NR2 goes up, and the MN-151 includes a P-1A bracket to come back toward you with a bar to mount the micromanipulator.

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