Three-Axis Coarse/Fine Direct-Drive Micromanipulator

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Narishige's MN-153 is a three axis coarse/fine direct drive micromanipulator with the capability of fine movement on the X-axis, enabling accurate linear approach to the cell with no danger of causing it any serious damage. Employment of the bar mount system provides complete installation flexibility and greatly broadens the range of possible applications.

*For attachment to the microscope, P-1A height adjustment plate (not included) and a suitable adaptor is required (standard accessories).
*The ball joint that attaches the micromanipulator can be replaced by MMO-220A single-axis oil hydraulic micromanipulator (sold separately).
*A needle holder, such as our MINJ-4, Narishige's HI-7, H-7 or HI-9, also needs to be purchased separately.

Accessories included B-8B Ball Joint
Movement range Coarse X25mm, Y20mm, Z25mm
Fine X8mm
Full rotation of knob 250µm
Minimum graduation 5µm
Dimensions/Weight W105 x D36 x H145mm, 330g


Q: What are the main differences between the MN-151 and MN-153 micro manipulators?
A: MN-153 and MN-151 both have 3-axis course movement. MN-153 has an additional fine movement in the X-axis (the direction toward the sample) and no fine movement in Y or Z. MN-151 has an additional fine movement in the Z-axis (lowering down to the same plane as the sample) plus it has the joystick for fine, coordinated movement in X and Y. If you move the joystick left and right, the needle moves towards and away from the sample, respectively. If you move the joystick toward you or away from your, the needle moves toward you and away from you in the Y axis, respectively.
The MN-151 makes it easier to line up the needle before injection. However, the biggest advantage is that the needle moves at a speed proportional to the speed you move the joystick, so it is easier to make the needle pierce the eggs.

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