Ultracompact Coarse/Fine Micromanipulator

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Narishige's MO-903 is an ultracompact micromanipulator whose coarse control permits the initial positioning of a microelectrode near the target point, while the fine control enables fine approaches toward the target point. The use of the grid permits accurate approach toward the target point without the help of a guide pipe. After fixed to the target point, the animal can be set free by detaching the coarse manipulator;MO-903A and putting the cap (MO-903D) on.

*This is a set of: MO-903A, MO-903B, MO-903C, MO-903D, and MO-903E.
*With the addition of extra MO-903A/B units, multi-channel operation is possible.
*Full turn of knob: 0.3mm.Adjustable in a fore-and-aft direction. The fine control knob can be hand-manipulated or controlled with a wrench-driver.

Movement range Coarse: 40mm, Fine: 10mm

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