Oil Hydraulic Micromanipulator (Open-Type)

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Narishige's MO-97A is an oil hydraulic micromanipulator meant to be mounted on the skull of a medium-sized animal such as monkeys to perform chronic experiments. Its 30mm fine movement range permits deeper brain insertion of a microelectrode. The MO-97A allows a separately available guide tube to be fitted for precise positioning and insertion of a microelectrode into hard tissue or deep brain cells. Despite these added features, the drive unit has reduced its weight to lighten the burden on the animal.

     Its open-type stage permits visual observation of the microelectrode insertion while operating the X- and Y- axis control knobs, and also permits multi-channel operation as well as the use of microelectrodes of various types. The remotely controlled oil hydraulic system permits vibration-free insertion of a microelectrode. With the detachable/attachable drive unit fixed on the skull mount chamber, even if the animal head moves, the microelectrode can be held in position.

*With the drive unit detachable from the chamber, the MO-97A permits the use of chambers of various shapes. Consult us for details.
*Used in combination with a pulse motor microdrive, this system permits even more accurate operation.

Accessories included Skull Mount Chamber Unit (equipped with a drive unit connector) : 1 unit
Chamber Cap (fitted to Skull Mount Chamber) : 1 piece
Fixing Screws : 10 pieces
Stainless Steel Tubing (f0.7 x 60mm) : 10 pieces
Threaded Round Bar : 1 piece
Spacer : 1 piece
Movement Range Coarse Z50mm
Fine Z30mm, Full Turn of Knob500um, Minimum Graduation2um
Dimensions/Weight Control Unit W70 x D115 x H100mm, 1.15kg
Drive Unit W61 x D46 x H130mm, 95g

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