Oil Hydraulic Micromanipulator (multi-channel type)

MO-98Q:  $8,918.92 - Discontinued

     Each channel is independently operable at 2-micron level at minimum ensuring stable remote control in multi-channel settings. Reduction in size and weight has permitted 2- or 4-channel multiple settings with these chronic micromanipulators. Each channel is independently operable and ensures stable fine movement by remote control. The guide tube holders facilitate inserting microelectrodes into hard tissues or deep cells. Commonly used in conventional models, the chamber system allows the chamber to be attached or removed, and the X-Y base permits settings in the conventional manner.

*Two types are available: MO-98D for 2 channels and MO-98Q for 4 channels.

Accessories Wrench
Chamber, Cap, Stainless Pipe (O.D.0.7 x 60mm),
Threaded Bar, Fixing Screws
Movement range Coarse Z50mm
Full rotation of knob 500um
Minimum graduation 2um
Dimension, WeightControl unitMO-98D: W100 x D75 x H95mm(x2), 1.23kg(x2)
MO-98Q: W100 x D75 x H95mm(x4), 1.23kg(x4)
Drive unit MO-98D: W70 x D60 x H130mm, 120g
MO-98Q: W70 x D60 x H135mm, 150g

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