Single-Axis Oil Hyraulic Fine Chronic Micromanipulator

MO-99:  $3,621.62 - Discontinued

Becomes extremely smaller for chronic experiment using small animals.

As the smallest possible version of the MO-95 system, the MO-99 is for conducting chronic experiments on small animals, mainly rats and guinea pigs. Although there is no coarse adjustment, a firm XY stage is mounted. The oil hydraulic system allows remote control operation, and the model can be freely detached by using the chamber.

Accessories included Chamber, Cap, Threaded Bar,
Stainless Pipe (O.D.0.7 x 60mm)
Movement range Fine Z5mm
Dimensions/Weight Control unit W70 x D115 x H100mm, 1.15kg
Drive unit W25 x D25 x H50mm, 10g

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