Four-axis Hanging Joystick Oil Hydraulic Micromanipulator

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Four Axis Hanging Joystick Oil Hydraulic Micromanipulator

The optimal manipulator specifically made for handling suspension cells

The Narishige TAKANOME MTK-1 4-axis Hanging Joystick Oil Hydraulic Micromanipulator system is a next generation state-of-the-art micromanipulator for laboratory microinjection experiments and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedures. In Japanese, TAKANOME is a metaphor equating this system with a hawk setting its sight on its prey and swooping down precisely, which is exactly what the MTK-1 does. Utilizing improved technology to create elegant simplicity, this advanced system has been especially developed to improve the efficiency of transgenic experiments, IVF, and all procedures involving microinjection of cell suspension cultures.

With a large retraction range of 50mm, the MTK-1 fulfills multiple functions a in single unit, eliminating the need for a separate coarse manipulator. Additionally, this robust micromanipulator includes a innovative design that allows the user to change the pipette angle while keeping the needle tip in the center of the field of view, making angle adjustment a breeze! You can easily switch the pipette from its "home" position to its "working" position, resulting in a significant reduction in the probability of pipette breakage and you will save time by not having to re-position your injection holder each time you change pipettes. With the Narishige MTK-1, you can look forward to a more efficient, precise, and far less painstaking laboratory experience!

MTK-1 function illustrations

MTK-1 Version Compatibility by Microscope Supplier

Supplier Microscope Model
Olympus IX70 MTK-1-O1
IX71 MTK-1-O2
IX73, IX83 MTK-1-O3
Nikon ECLIPSE TE2000 MTK-1-N1
Carl Zeiss Axiovert 200, Axio Observer 3/5/7 MTK-1-Z1
Axio Vert.A1 MTK-1-Z2
Leica DMI3000 B, DMI4000 B, DMI6000 B MTK-1-L1
DMi8 MTK-1-L2

* If a special adapter is required for a microscope not listed above please contact us.


Accessories included Dedicated Mounting Adaptor
IP Iron Plate x 2 units
Positioning Gauge
Anchor x 2 units
Hex Wrench
Pipette Scale x 2 sheets
Movement range X/Y/Z-axis Oil hydraulic control 10mm
Full rotation of knob 250µm
Minimum graduation 5µm
(for holder)
Oil hydraulic control 10mm
Full rotation of knob 1,000µm
Minimum graduation 20µm
Manual (Return and Home position) 50mm
Incident angle 15 ~ 40°
Dimensions/Weight Control unit W85.6 x D225 ~ 235 x H151 ~ 171mm, Approx. 1.9kg
Drive unit W108 ~ 138 x D145 ~ 155 x H100 ~ 150mm, Approx. 820g
Hydraulic tube length 0.6m

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