Three-Axis Oil Hydraulic Coarse/Fine Micromanipulator

MWO-3:  $8,432.43 - Discontinued
The Double Cartridge System - using drift to cancel drift.

This is an oil hydraulic micromanipulator developed for patch clamping. The oil hydraulic system offers good operability, but has the disadvantage of being prone to drifting caused by changes in temperature. The Double Cartridge System tackles this problem by using two oil cartridges, one on each side of the drive unit slider; in this way, drift from one cartridge is cancelled out by the other. The result is a well-balanced drive unit slider and overall manipulator performance with minimal drifting. In addition, there is no concern about maintaining the water supply, which occasionally arises with water hydraulic systems. A large and rigid coarse manipulator and a UST-1, which allows the manipulator to be firmly fixed, are both equipped as standard. Installation is firm, stable and effective in resisting vibration effects.

*For attachment to the microscope, a suitable adaptor is required (sold separately).
*The micromanipulator can be mounted directly on the isolation table.
*This model can be firmly fixed to any part of the isolation table with GJ-12 thintype magnetic stand (sold separately).
*AP-14/AP-13-3 patch clamp headstage holders can be attached on the UST-1 solid universal joint, incorporated in the manipulator.

Accessories included UST-1 Solid Universal Joint, H-12 Electrode Holder,
CF-3 Tube Fixture, Allen Wrench
Movement range Coarse X30mm, Y30mm, Z30mm
Full rotation of knob: approx. 4mm
Fine X2mm, Y2mm, Z2mm
Full rotation of knob: 50um
Minimum graduation: 0.2um
Dimensions/Weight Control unit W115 x D115 x H132mm, 1.6kg
Drive unit W185 x D175 x H100mm, 1.1kg

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