Micromanipulator (Three-Axis Water Hydraulic System)

MWS-2:  $7,297.30 - Discontinued

     Micromanipulator with compact joystick. This is a three-dimensional water hydraulic micromanipulator with joystick control,mounted on the MWS-1, a combination that makes microinjections under a stereo microscope easier and more efficient. Compared to conventional alternatives, this unit is much more compact and suitable for use with stereo microscopes.

*For attachment to the microscope, a suitable adaptor is required (sold separately).
*Changing the universal joint that attaches the micromanipulator to MMO-220 single-axisoil hydraulic micromanipulator enables four-dimensional remote controlled movement.

Accessories includedIP Iron Plate, UT-2 Universal Joint,
CF-3 Tube Fixture, Allen Wrench
Movement rangeCoarse X15mm, Y15mm, Z15mm
FineX10mm, Y10mm, Z10mm
Full rotation og knob 500um
Minimum graduation 5um
Joystick (for maximum movement in X-Y plane)2mm
Control unitW165 x D80 x H175mm, 2.2kg
Drive unit W115 x D120 x H110mm, 490g

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