Three-Axis Coarse Mechanical Micromanipulator with Fine Water Hydraulic Z-Axis Control. Ideal for experiments under low magnification

MWS-31:  $5,135.14 - Ships in 1-5 days
Narishige's MWS-31 is a one-axis water hydraulic micromanipulator combined with a three-dimensional manual coarse manipulator for patch clamping applications under low magnifications, such as when using a stereo microscope. Even at low magnifications, vibration is a critical problem, so a large and rigid manual manipulator is used to prevent it. The rotation mechanism makes exchanging pipettes easier, and the water hydraulic 1:5 cartridge system enables more stable and precise operation. An angle adjustment mechanism is equipped on the fine movement section so that an angle can be added for the fine movement section only, while coarse section retains its vertical position. This allows the manipulator angle to be changed between horizontal and vertical while the manipulator itself remains firmly fixed in position.

Accessories includedH-1 Electrode Holder
Clamp Rod
Allen Wrench
Movement rangeCoarseX38mm, Y25mm, Z30mm
With tension adjustment mechanism
Full rotation of knob 50µm
Minimum graduation 0.2µm
Dimensions/WeightControl unitW70 × D115 × H100mm, 1.15kg
Drive unitW190 × D145 × H200mm, 1.15kg

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