Three-Axis Coarse/Fine Micromanipulator with Tilting Stand for More Convenient Patch Clamping

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Narishige's MX-2 is a three-axis coarse/fine micromanipulator comprised of the MX-1 and an attached TM-1 tilting stand, for easier and more convenient patch clamping. Its unique structure prevents hand jitters passing to the tip of the microelectrode, and obviates concerns about drifting caused by temperature fluctuations. The tilting stand offers outstanding stability and allows the manipulator to be set at any angle for easier approach to the specimen. Furthermore, it enables the manipulator to move horizontally as well as vertically in line with the microelectrode. The stand has a magnetic base, so (as long as an iron plate is used) installation is possible even when no screw holes are provided. A rotating mechanism is also included, making the exchange of microelectrodes easy.

Different models for right- and left-handed users are available. Please specify right- or left-handed model when ordering.

Accessories includedH-13 Electrode Holder
Allen Wrench
Tension Adjustment Pin
Movement rangeCoarseX35mm, Y30mm
FineX4mm, Y4mm
Full rotation of knob: 100µm
Minimum graduation: 1µm
Z-axis coaxial handleCoarse/fine movement range: 24mm
Full rotation of coarse handle: 18mm
Full rotation of fine handle: 200µm
Dimensions/WeightW210 × D180 × H265mm, 6.7kg

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