Nikon Hydraulic Fine Joystick+ Mechanical Coarse Micromanipulators (pair)

NAI-3N:  $18,918.92 - Ships in 3-5 weeks
Narishige's NAI-3N micromanipulators are designed to work specifically with NIKON microscopes including Nikon Models ECLIPSE Ti-E/-U/-S / TE2000-E/-U/-S. They are compact and provide lots of open working space on the microscope stage without sacrificing operability.

The NAI-3N combines a sturdy 3-axis Mechanical Coarse Manipulator and a Three-axis Fine Joystick Hydraulic Micromanipulator. This system provides remote control for 3-axis fine movement, conveniently at your fingertips.

***Note that this item includes two complete sets of micromanipulators - one for the holding side and one fo r the injecting side.***

Three-axis Joystick Oil Hydraulic Micromanipulator 2
Mounting Adaptor

Coarse movement : 30mm
Fine movement : 10mm One full turn of knob : 500um
Minimum graduation : 4um
Maximum working range in the X-Y plane by a joystick maneuver : 2mm

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