Rotating Micromanipulator Clamp

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The NR-12 allows for rotation of large mounted micromanipulators like the NMN-21 and NMN-25 to quickly move the holder away from your specimen. This allows you to change electrodes or injection needles and samples much more quickly and conveniently than other options and then to get back to the original position.

Using the NR-12 rotating adjustable clamp allows the entire micromanipulator to be rotated. so that you can change specimens fast!


This shows the NMN-21 micromanipulator mounted on the ITS2-L microscope isolation stage for electrophysiology. The first photo shows the electrode positioned at the sample for recording, while the next shows the electrode rotated away for rapidly changing specimens or electrodes.

recording position

electrode change position

Accessories included Hex Wrench
Dimensions/WeightW71 x D71 x H15mm, 300g

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