Optronics MicroFire Microscope Camera

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Optronics has made excellent microscope camera systems and we have liked them the best since the 1980's. We like them because, not only are the cameras exellent, but they come with sodtware/firmware that make it fast, easy, and intuitive to find the setting that gives a bright, high-contrast, low-noise image whether it is for dim fluorescence still images or brightfield full-motion video. The MicroFire Camera has gained a solid reputation in the scientific and industrial imaging community as the leading easy to use 2-Megapixel true color microscope camera with Firewire connectivity. This versatile camera mounts directly on your microscope with a standard C-mount adapter and is a great choice for all your imaging applications. With advanced 7.4 micron photodiodes, MicroFire delivers sharp, brilliant color images, even under challenging conditions. This camera is the work horse of research institutions worldwide providing accurate image documentation.

Technical Specifications
Large Format Color CCD Array
Active Pixels: 1600 x 1200
Pixel Size: 7.4µm square
Computer Interface: OHCI Compliant IEEE-1394 (FireWire)
Optical Interface: Standard C-mount
Shutter: Automatic and Manual Electronic to 60 Seconds

Features and Benefits
Fluorescent and brightfield images can be captured effortless by using automatic exposure controls and clicking on the shutter. Or, the investigator has a battery of sophisticated exposure controls such as a live histogram display, regional overexposure coloration, to adjust precisely his exposure manually. Suitable applications include: BrightField, DarkField and Reflected light Imaging, and Fluorescence.

Intuitive Human Interface
The Optronics signature human interface is derived from powerful software and more than a decade of industry and market knowledge. With MicroFire your images are captured effortlessly with Optronics legendary point and shoot simplicity.

Live Gamma, Brightness and Contrast Control
Low contrast specimens which are invisible through the oculars of the microscope can be made visible on the computer monitor with the live gamma, brightness, and control. The maximum information content of the specimen is made visible in real-time.

12-Bit CCD Color Imaging
The 12-bit capture ensures that the investigator can adjust his contrast, color saturation to provide a smooth transition in luminosity values, not the postarization often seen with 8-bit cameras.

Direct-X Powered Hardware accelerated video display for full resolution, full screen preview
Investigators can project images on a computer monitor or on a screen with a LCD projector for teaching or discussion. With real time auto exposure, the investigator can change magnification for his audience for instant close-ups.

Sophisticated Firewire Interface
Optronics was first with the development of Firewire based microscope cameras and they know how to implement it correctly. There is no need for an expensive video capture board. Just insert the Firewire cable into your desktop or your laptop computer, PC or Mac and you are capable of digital recording and documentation.

PictureFrame Imaging Application Included — Free
PictureFrame is a fully integrated software package that has the necessary tools for preparing, analyzing and presenting publication quality images. Measurements, comments, and scale bars can be placed on the image. Flat-Field Correction and Background subtraction ensures that all the details of the specimen can be revealed and that distracting defects in the optical train are removed. Real time color control can provide fine adjustments of colored images so that the captured image matches the view through the oculars. Sequential images can be saved as AVI files to create a video for personal computers.

Recommended Computer Requirements:
1 GHz processor

PC using Windows Operating System - 2000 / XP
1600x1200 Graphics card with 32 bit color capability
512 Mb RAM
OHCI compliant IEEE 1394 input

MACINTOSH G4 OS X version 10.2 or better
512 MB Ram
IEEE 1394 input

The price includes: Camera head, Power supply, PCI IEEE-1394 FireWire card (in case your computer doesn't have a built in FireWire port), FireWire cable, PictureFrame camera control, image capture and enhancement software for PC and Mac (OS-X 1.2+), and a Two year warranty.

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