Oligo-Designer® 1.0

OS-1:  $32.43 - Ships in 1-5 days
Design Oligo-Nucleotide Probes in about 1 minute!

Oligo-Designer 1.0 maximizes your chances of cloning genes by protein sequence homology by helping you choose probes with the lowest degeneracy. It takes your protein sequence (which you can type in, or cut and paste from anywhere) and Reverse-Translates it for you. The key is in the graphic form of the output: the degenerate nucleotide code "hangs down" from the amino-acid sequence. This makes finding the least ambiguous sequences quick and easy - just look for indentations (contiguous areas where the least is hanging down) and you have your probe sequences, ready to synthesize and clone your gene!!! It's an almost instantaneous process.

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