Extra Pump and Coil for PourBoy® III

PB3-PC:  $183.78
This set includes the pump and coil for the PourBoy® II and III. The pump is a small silver finger-sized piece of metal, which is often shipped in the tubing with the PB3-PTS and the PB3. The coil is the black part into which it inserts.

The PourBoy® III pump and coil set is a combination of the PB3-P and the PB3-C. Depending on what iteration of the PourBoy® III you have you may require a particular replacement part.

If your coil is removable from the base unit you may need the PB3-PC or the PB3-P depending on whether or not your pump can be removed from the coil. If they are inseparable you will need the PB3-PC to replace both. If the pump can be removed, you may choose to replace only the pump while keeping the original coil by ordering the PB3-P, you may choose to replace both by ordering the PB3-PC, or you may choose to replace only the coil by ordering PB3-C.

However, on some iterations of the PourBoy® III the coil is permanently affixed to the base and only the pump can be easily replaced. In this scenario you would want to order the PB3-P in order to replace the pump. If you require a new coil for one of these units you will need to contact us for a more extensive repair.

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