Extra Pump for PourBoy® 4

PB4-P:  $74.59 - In Stock

Pump Speed

We now offer a new improved pump for the PourBoy® 4! Here is how it compares with the older pump:

  • Higher speed: ~400 ml/min vs. ~200 ml/min for the older pump
  • Can be sterilized by Hydrogen Peroxide or Autoclaving! vs. only by Hydrogen Peroxide for the older pump
  • Larger aperture, so less likely to clog vs. the older pump
  • Older pump may be more accurate / reproducible for delivering volumes < 10 ml vs. the new pump

This item includes ONLY the pump. The pump is a small finger-sized cartridge that inserts into the black electromagnetic coil. To get the pump with a new set of tubing included, click Here.

The newer pump has a white input side and a green or white output side as shown above. The older pump has a black input side and a white output side as shown here:

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