Dual-Stage Glass Micropipette Puller

PC-10:  $2,972.97 - Discontinued
Note: The PC-10 was discontinued by Narishige in 2017 and replaced by the new and improved PC-100.

Narishige's PC-10 micropipette puller is a dual-stage micropipette processing system which provides reliable and consistent production of micropipettes with tip sizes ranging from one micron to tenths of a micron.

The PC-10 incorporates several key features that make it an ideal choice for producing microinjection needles and pipettes for patch clamp experiments.  The built-in power source is specially stabilized to deliver a uniform amount of current to the heating coil each time.  The stabilized delivery of power ensures consistent and even heating of micropipettes time after time.

Heater levels for both single and double pull operations can be adjusted, and the heater level is shown by a highly-visible digital LED readout display.

During the pulling process, micropipettes are shielded from air currents by the use of an acrylic shroud.  This excludes external drafts that might otherwise affect the shape and size of the micropipette.

Two pairs of weights (two light and two heavy) are provided for adjustment of the pulling force.  Also included are a spare heater coil (PC-10H), and a sample of 1.0mm I.D. glass microcapillary tube with internal glass fiber (GD-1).

Narishige is using this more automatic and full-featured PC-10 to replace the old semi-automatic PP-830 that was discontinued in 2006.  The PC-10 is also the replacement for the even older model PB-7 and it serves as a lower-cost more robust alternative to Sutter's P-30.  In fact, we use the PC-10, here at Tritech Research, to pull our pre-pulled microcapillary needles (see MINJ-PP) that we sell for C. elegans, Drosophila, Xenopus, Zebrafish, and transgenic mouse work.

Accessories included GD-1 Glass Capillary with filament, Spare Heater,
Power Supply Cable
Power source AC100V(+-5%), AC120V(+-5%),
AC220V(+-5%), AC240V(+-5%)
Power consumption Approx. 80W
Heater level 100 = heater voltage 2.5V
Weight Approx. 25g x 2, Approx 100g x 2
Dimensions/Weight W205 x D190 x H185mm, 6.0kg

Model Product Description
PC-10H Heater Kanthal wire (x5)

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