Anti-vibration Base Plate

SBP-2:  $2,075.68 - Delivery in about 30 days
This anti-vibration base plate is designed to go underneath the microscope. The SBP-2 is a spring-loaded anti-vibration base plate. With no use of air or electricity, the SBP-2 is maintenance-free and provides greater resistance to vibration than conventional rubber isolators. Unlike a rectangular-shaped plate, the completely flat top plate is shaped to fit with the bottom of the microscope, thereby allowing the controllers of hydraulic manipulators or injectors to be placed in easy-to-operate positions without causing interference with the plate.

When micromanipulating, this base plate is recommended for the reduction of vibration through the microscope itself. For a lower-cost microscope anti-vibration system, take a look at our MINJ-AVP.

Accessories included 2 extra Spring Isolators
Load-bearing Capacity45kg
Vibration Isolation Vertical Vibration Isolation: Approx. 5.5Hz
Horizontal Vibration Isolation: Approx. 5Hz
Dimensions/Weight (at no load)W400 x D520 x H43mm, 10kg

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