Head Holding Adaptor (for Rats)

SG-3N:  $1,189.19 - Special Order
Narishige's SG-3N and SG-4N mouse/rat head holding devices are capable of use in different variations and offer wide applicability

     This simple and compact model is designed for the purpose of fixing the head, with special consideration paid to ease of use on a microscope stage. The clamping method is based on 3-point fixation (mouth, nose and ear), ensuring that the head is easily and firmly fixed in position without damage to even small animals. By attaching the mouth/nose clamp and ear bar to a single bar, the instrument allows the head angle to be freely adjusted through 360. Developed to allow low gravity fixation, the holder's overall size is very compact, making it ideal for fixing a small animal on to a microscope stage. The shape and functions are simple, yet this holder can be used for many different purposes. The SG-3N is for rats, and the SG-4N for mice.

Base dimensions W140-180 x D60 x H50mm
Weight 510g

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