Head Holder for Mice with Anesthesia Mask

SGM-4:  $2,075.68 - Ships in 1-5 days
The SGM-4 is designed for fixing the head simply, for non-stereotaxic fixation. Since the compact design allows itself a low gravity fixation, it can be set under the microscope stage.
The 3 point fixation (mouth, nose and ear) makes the fixation stable. The nosepiece can be detached and changed and by using the dedicated anesthetic mask, it will be easy to experiment with use of anesthesia.
By attaching the holding instrument to a single bar, it allows the head angle to be freely adjusted through 360.
The shape and functions are simple, yet this holder can be used for many different purposes. The SGM-3 is for rats. The SGM-4 is for mice. The SG-3N (for rats) and SG-4N (for mice) do not include the anesthetic mask.

360° RotatableVertically (tilt/pivot ) adjustable
rotation imagevertical adjustment
Adding the Thin-type Magnetic Stand (GJ-12)Swivel 360°
vertical adjustmentvertical adjustment

Accessories IncludedNosepiece
Hex Wrench
Inlet/Outlet connecting port for anesthesiaØ 4mm
Dimensions/WeightW133 - 180 x D64 x H54mm, 427g

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