Common Marmoset Chair

SH-100:  $6,481.08 - Group II Special Order
Common Marmoset Chair

This chair allows the common marmoset to be placed in position without anesthesia. The device is optimized for training the animal because it has 360-degree access from different directions. By using large knobs on four pillars, every parts of the height and angle adjustment are easily operated. The marmoset can be kept in a natural position by adjusting the tilting angle of the plate around the neck. Transparent acrylic plates allow for the whole body of the animal to be observable. The whole chair can be affixed on a anti-vibration table by using holes on the bottom plate.

* Combine with the accessory SH-100A (sold separately) for a wide range of uses in experiments.

Accessories includedHex Wrench
Footrest pipe × 7
Dimensions/Weight W307 x D350 x H400mm, 5.7kg

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