Non-Traumatic Head Holder (for Guinea Pigs)

SH-15:  $1,070.27 - Special Order
Narishige's SH-15 holder fixes a guinea pig's head simply with a clamp attached to the tip of the 12mm bar. An auxiliary fixing knob is incorporated as well, making the fix more stable. The holder can be set to a magnetic stand for use in combination with the X-block.

*Use GJ-8 magnetic stand or equivalent equipment to attach this model.

Dimensions/Weight W200 x D23 x H45mm, 300g

*This is a Narishige "Group-2" special order item. Because it has to be custom-made for you, there is usually a 4-week lead time and it is non-cancellable and non-returnable once ordered. Prices for Group-2 items change often, and, like all of our website prices are subject to change without notice, so always double-check with us prior to placing an order for this item.

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