Injection Holder Attachment

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This new attachment SM-15B can hold a rod from + to 6 mm O.D. securely. The Stereotaxic micromanipulator SM-15 holds a rod of 5mm O.D. whereas the attachment SM-15A can be used with the SM-15 to hold a rod of 8mm O.D.
The efficient usage of SM-15B is to hold the injection holder (4mm O.D.) of IM-300 and other micro-injectors for in-vivo viral and/or dye injection. The existing attachments for SM-15 require a wrench or a screwdriver to fix a holder. The SM-15B does not require any tool. The fixation can easily be achieved by hand. The holder within 3-5mm O.D. can be held securely by two steps; clamping and fixing.

Setting example

SM-15B Setting example

The next section shows the procedure of fixing the injection holder in 4mm O.D. We recommend SM-15B for customers who want to fix the holder quickly, easily, and securely.

The procedure can be achieved by three steps only!
how to fix the holder

Dimensions/WeightW21 x D54 x H11mm, 23g

SM-15B diagram
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