Single-axis Motorized Micromanipulator, primarily used in combination with a stereotaxic micromanipulator

SM-191:  $6,162.16 - Discontinued
Narishige's SM-191 permits fine control along Z-axis via Pulse Motor Microdrive with a minimum step of 1µm to assure positioning accuracy. The digital display gives precise readouts on distance traveled, while the easy-to-operate remote controller can be conveniently placed close at the operators hand allowing fingertip operation without causing vibrations. To assure accuracy of travel, the SM-191 allows accurate settings of working distance and speed. An optional attachment (SM-191A) permits the use in conjunction with SM-11 or other mechanical manipulators.

Accessories Wrench 2mm) / 1unit
H-12 Electrode Holder / 1unit
Movement rangeFine40mm, Minimum step 1 µm
Power consumption- Approx. 50W
Dimensions / WeightDrive unitW50 × D50 × H130mm, 300g
Power & control unit (PC-5N)W250 × D185 × H112mm, 2.7kg
Control unitW130 × D23 × H85mm, 120g
*Non-CE Marked

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