Digital Micromanipulator (Pulse Motor Microdrive Type)

SM-21:  $9,675.68 - Discontinued
The SM-21 has been discontinued. It's functions can be replaced by the functions of the SM-11 and the DMA-1510 or DMA-1511.

Narishige's SM-21 digital micromanipulator provides clear positioning combined with a stepping motor. This micromanipulator for stereotaxic instruments has a built-in stepping motor in the Z-axis. To confirm and clarify the position of a microelectrode when inserted into a living organism, a pulse motor is employed on the SM-20, which has a counter built into the Z-axis drive.

     For precise control, the minimum step is just 1um, with movement shown on an accurate digital display with easy-toread scales. Single movement volume can also be accurately set, as can variations in the motor speed. As a result, both position and driving force can be shown very accurately. A remote control is also provided, for easy operation from the user's hand.

Accessories SM-19 Electrode Holders for SM-20
H-1 Electrode Holder, Allen Wrench
Movement range Coarse X20mm, Y20mm, Z40mm
Fine Z10mm, Minimum step 1um
Power consumption Approx. 50W (Pulse motor unit)
Dimnesions/Weight Control unit Main unit:
W250 x D185 x H112mm, 2.7kg
Remote controller:
W130 x D23 x H85mm, 120g
Drive unit W110 x D110 x H190mm, 1.8kg

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