Stereotaxic Micromanipulator

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The SMM-200C is a new coarse manipulator for stereotaxic instruments focusing on driving outside the animal's brain. The driving by Z-axis control knob: approximately 4mm per rotation makes faster adjustments for leveling bregma and lambda, and faster retracting/returning from the dura mater, which will improve efficiency of the experiment. For operations inside the brain, One-axis Motorized Stereotaxic Micromanipulator MDS-1 and hydraulic manipulator can be added optionally. The X-axis is equipped with a coarse control knob, which is the same as the Z-axis. The Y-axis (anterior/ posterior direction) is equipped with a fine control knob. The upper body of SMM-200C can be tilted with dual angles: AP and ML directions simultaneously.

* The minimum graduation of the X and Z-axis is 100µm. This manipulator is recommended to be used in combination with a fine micromanipulator (MDS-1, etc).

Set-up example

*Stereotaxic instrument, GM-4, MDS-1, and SMM-HA, the silicon probe in the photo above are not included.

Set-up example with SMM-A

SMM-A is recommended for experiments: tilting in the ML direction.
When the manipulator SMM-100C/200C is tilted in the ML direction, the end of the holder (electrode tip) may be far off from animal's head. The attachment SMM-A is designed to attach a holder on the side of manipulator, so it enables the holder position without operating the X-axis. To this end, the holder (electrode tip) can be set to the animal's head while maintaining driving distance of the X-axis.
*The set-up example above: motorized MDS-1 and IMS-30 on SMM-200C installed with SMM-A.

SMM Series Comparison Table

SMM SeriesSMM-100SMM-200SMM-100CSMM-200C
AnglesOne direction
(AP or ML)
Two directions
(AP & ML)
One direction
(AP or ML)
Two directions
(AP & ML)
X Axis, Z-axisFineFineCoarseCoarse

Holders for SMM series

DescriptionAttachmentHolder for Neural ProbesHolder for Neural ProbesCannula HolderMultiuse Holder


Accessories includedHex Wrenches (2mm and 2.5mm)
Dedicated electrode holder (with attachment and screw)
Screw for grounding
Washers for grounding (Bellville washer and flat washer)
Movement rangeX80mm, Z80mm
Full rotation of knob 4.2mm
Minimum graduation 100µm(Vernier scale)
Y20mm, Full rotation of knob 1mm,
Minimum graduation 10µm
Dimensions/WeightW85 × D162 × H286mm, 2.0kg

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