Attachment for SMM series to affix syringe or holder

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Attachment for SMM series to affix syringe or injection holder.

This attachment is intended to hold and move an additional tool with a shaft with 8mm O.D. With this attachment, a micromanipulator from the SMM series can hold two holders at a time. The attachment is affixed with screws in the screw holes on the side of X-axis unit of the SMM series; then the additional tool can be slid its position one end to the other. When a tool from the SMM series is tilted or used with IMS-20, this attachment helps to position the tip of the holder and keeps it from situating beyond the median line.

The setting example of adding IMS-20 to SMM-A

Holders for SMM Series

DescriptionAttachmentHolder for Neural ProbesHolder for Neural ProbesCannula HolderMultiuse Holder


Accessories includedHex Wrench
Mounting Knob × 2
Dimensions/WeightW72 × D12 × H20mm, 62g

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