Holder for using silicon neural probes with SMM series

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SMM-HB Holder for Neural Probes

Holder made for using silicon probes with SMM series

This holder is intended to hold a silicon probe on SMM series products. A silicon probe can be affixed with greater distance away from the holder shaft when it is necessary (compared to the SMM-HA that is affixed very close to the shaft.) The holding block is made with resin - thus it does not conduct electricity when in contact with a substrate. The holding section can be detached from the shaft and reversed in orientation (Left-right). (The photograph above shows the holding of a silicon probe by NeuroNexus.)

Holders for SMM Series

DescriptionAttachmentHolder for Neural ProbesHolder for Neural ProbesCannula HolderMultiuse Holder


Accessories includedHex Wrench
Fixing Knob
Set Screw × 2
Dimensions/WeightW28 × D8 × H212mm, 85g
Applicable silicon probesThickness: 2mm or less
Width: within 2.5 ~ 5mm
Length: 12mm or longer

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