Multiuse holder for SMM series to affix syringe or injector

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Multiuse holder for SMM series to affix a syringe or injection holder

This holder is intended to hold instruments measuring between 4mm O.D. to 10mm O.D., which allows for the MO-10 and MO-82 to be affixed at a low-reach position on SMM series products without using a long holder. The HI-7 and HI-9 microinjection holders (4mm O.D.) and a glass syringe (10mm O.D. or less) can be affixed directly onto this holder as well. The holding section can be detached from the shaft and changed in orientation (Left-right). The above photo illustrates a setting example of the SR-5M-HT + SMM-100 + SMM-HD + MO-10.

Holders for SMM Series



Accessory includedHex Wrench
Dimensions/WeightW48 × D15 × H225mm, 143g

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