Stereotaxic Instrument (for Mice) with Manipulator

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Stereotaxic Instruments for Mice.

     Narishige's SR-5M stereotaxic instruments are designed specifically for mice. The mouthpiece, nosepiece, and auxiliary ear bar are all well thought out for improved ease-of-use. The mouthpiece and nosepiece are made slimmer and smaller to fit with the tiny mouth of a mouse. The fore-and-aft and up-and-down adjustments of the mouthpiece/nosepiece have become more sensitive and functional, allowing smooth and quick setup by one-hand maneuvering. The improved auxiliary ear bar allows you to feel the delicate holding touch and the built-in spring permits one-hand maneuvering as well as simple one-touch locking. When not in use, the auxiliary ear bar can be disassembled for cleaning.Commonly used in conventional models, the 18.70mm AP frame bar permits the use of various accessories other than the supplied SM-15 stereotaxic micromanipulator.

A vesion without manipulator can be found here SR-5M-HT

AccessoriesSM-15 Stereotaxic Micromanipulator
EB-5N Auxiliary Mouse Ear Bar
Dimension, WeightSR-5M: W400 x D300 x H110mm, 8.75kg

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