Semi-chronic Head Holder

SR-8N:  $7,459.46 - Special Order
Narishige's SR-8N head holder is designed for chronic and repeated experiments. This is an upgraded version of the compact, stable stereotaxic instrument SR-6N developed for small animals, and can be used for chronic experiments.

     Use of the guide pipe, which passes between the skull and the scalp, enables repeated fixations in the same position without using anesthesia. This allows both acute and chronic experiments to be performed without pain or damage to the animals.

     Since no anaesthesia is required, both visual and aural experiments can also be undertaken. For the AP frame bar, to which manipulators are fixed, a long 18.7mm square bar is provided on either the right or the left side, enabling attachment of the SM-15 and many other kinds of accessories.

*Basic model (excluding SM-15) also available.

Accessories SM-15 Stereotaxic Micromanipulator,
EB-4 Auxiliary Rat Ear Bar, Head Holder Pipe x 10
Base dimensions W400 x D300 x H110mm
Total weight 9.55kg

*This is a Narishige "Group-2" special order item. Because it has to be custom-made for you, there is usually a 4-week lead time and it is non-cancellable and non-returnable once ordered.

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