Stereotaxic Instrument (for Rats/MRI-compatible)

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*Stereotaxic Manipulator SM-15 sold separately or for a version with the micromanipulator go to SRP-5R

MRI-ready Stereotaxic Instrument

While the head holding assembly is made of 100% plastic, both the AP frame bar and the base plate are made of metal. Therefore, these MRI-ready stereotaxic instruments ensure stable and accurate stereotaxic recording.
The head holding assembly can be readily detached from the base plate to permit MRI scanning with the animal held in place. After MRI scanning, the head holding assembly can be easily put back on the base plate in the original position with the animal being held in place.

These stereotaxic instruments are capable of serving diverse applications simply by replacing the head holding assembly intended for rats. Incorporating the device for injecting a marker or contrast agent required for MRI scanning, the head holding assembly permits stereotaxic recording with the MRI scanning point aligned with the animal.

This AP frame has an 18.7mm square shape since Narishige's stereotaxic manipulators are tailored for this standard.
AP Frame dimensions

The difference between SRP-5R-HT2 and SRP-6R-HT2 lies in the number of AP frame bars. SRP-5 series come equipped with one AP frame bar, while SRP-6 series products come with two AP frame bars.

The versions for mice are SRP-5M-HT2 and SRP-6M-HT2 respectively (with the micromanipulators SRP-5R and SRP-6R)

AccessoriesEar Bars
Mouth/Nose Clamp
Hex Wrench
Dimension, WeightW400 x D300 x H110mm, 7.4kg

* The anesthetic mask GM-3 cannot be attached to this head holder.

SRP-5R diagram
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