Head Holder for Mice (for MRI)

SRP-AM:  $2,864.86 - Discontinued - Replaced by SRP-AM2
Head holders for mice, with MRI measurement compatibility.

Narishige's SRP-AM MRI measurement-compatible head holder can be attached to SR series fixing devices. Such attachment ensures extremely stable fixation of the head. When the instrument is detached for MRI measurement, 100% of the instrument becomes plastic to make the procedure easier. Markers can be inserted into the mechanism, so that operators can perform MRI measurement simply by aligning measurement points to the object. Once MRI measurements are completed, the instrument can easily revert to its function as a fixing instrument, while keeping the animals fixed. Two types are available: SRP-AM for mice, and SRP-AR for rats.


Dimensions/Weight W300 × D120 × H80mm, 410g

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