Small Animal Stereotaxic Workstation (With Single AP Frame Bar) with Micromanipulator

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*For a version without micromanipulator please visit SRS-5-HT

The Model SRS-5 has been developed for work with knockout mice, newborn rats, small-sized rats, etc. It is configured so as to hold the tiny head of a small mouse or rat in position with its head clamp unit (mouthpiece and nosepiece) and auxiliary ear bars provided with fine adjustment functions. The SRS-5 comes equipped with one AP frame bar (18.7mm square) to mount the supplied Narishige stereotaxic micromanipulator SM-15. If you like a model with two frame bars then refer to SRS-6.
For a version without micromanipulator please visit SRS-5-HT.
The point of an auxiliary ear bar is available in varying sizes and easy to replace according to the intended use (e.g. to avoid the rupture of tympanic membrane or to fix the ears securely).

Accessories included SM-15 Stereotaxic Micromanipulator,
Dedicated Auxiliary Ear Bars
Hex Wrench
DimensionsW400 x D300 x H110mm
Total weight8.75kg

* The anesthetic mask GM-3/GM-4 cannot be attached to this head holder.
*For use with mice, please specify when ordering.

SRS-5-HT diagram
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