Kleindiek Ultra-precise Lift-Out Shuttle

SY-LOS:  $58,372.97 - Approx. 30 days
The Lift-Out Shuttle is a super-fast, dedicated lift-out solution for preparing samples for ex-situ electron microscopy. It features a microgripper, a four-axis substage, and a small CCD camera at surface level that allows for fast approach.

The system is comprised of a four-axis substage mounted on an ultra-compact platform. A microgripper is mounted above the substage to facilitate the lift-out. The stage is manipulated to position the pre-cut sample under the microgripper. After that, the microgripper clamps onto the sample and holds it gently, but firmly enough that the sample can be freed from the bulk material by simply dropping the stage down and out of the way. Once isolated, the sample is brought in contact with SEM-compatible glue on a TEM grid, and cured with an ion beam.

To see a video of this process in action, please follow the link to Kleindiek's website:

The system includes control electronics, a joypad, a microgripper, and an operator's handbook.


  • Substage on load-lock compatible platform
  • Maximum specimen size: 30mm
  • Travel: X and Y = 10mm
    Travel: Z = 3mm
    Travel: R = 360°(unlimited)
  • Speed: up to 1mm/s
  • Resolution: <0.5nm
  • Cartesian movement
  • No backlash or reversal play
  • Simple load-lock solutions for most SEM and FIB tools
  • Virtually insusceptible to vibrations

  • High-resolution gripper for transport and assembly of micro-sized objects
  • Gripping area: (5 to 10 µm)
  • Resolution: 20nm
  • Gripping force: 5 to 5000 µN (variable)
  • Maximum span range: 20 to 40 µm

  • Small camera at sample surface level
  • Allows fast approach
  • Includes monitor and LED illumination

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