1.6cc Capacity Microinjection Syringe

SYR-8:  $64.86 - Discontinued
Narishige's SYR-8 is a 1.6cc capacity microinjection syringe. It is compatible with the IM-26-2 and the IM-55-2.

Narishige offers a range of high-performance glass and metal syringes for use with Narishige injectors, each with its own specific features. Since glass versions are transparent, the user can easily check for the presence of air bubbles and observe the state of the O ring used to pack the plunger. The metal versions are extremely durable and precisely made for smooth, accurate operation. Some models have a resin tip to prevent leakage, while others features a firmly fixed luer lock. Syringes should be selected according to the injector in use.

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