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Tissue Culture Plates

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Beneficial Features of the TPP Tissue Culture Plates:
  • Designed for easy and stable stacking. Different well plates can be mixed and stacked.
  • Plates are constructed from high grade polystyrene.
  • Individual well rings in lid prevent cross-contamination.
  • Easy-to-read alpha-numeric well identification.
  • Yellow marking areas on both base and lid.
  • Plates are packaged in easy transparent Ïpeel-offÓ wrapping.
  • Available individually wrapped or 4/6 plates per bag.
  • Guaranteed sterile by gamma irradiation.

The new generation of Tissue Culture Plates from TPP is characterized by yellow strip marking areas and easy-to-read black-embossed, alpha-numeric writing. The cell growth surface treatment is limited to the well bottoms and offers optimal attachment and growth for the most varied types of cell lines. The untreated well walls also lead to a flattening of the liquid meniscus that forms, thereby reducing the diffusion of the light. This feature, along with the outstanding optical clarity of the well bottoms, makes these plates ideal for microscopic examination and spectroscopic measurements.

Serrated areas on the sides of the plate and a slight excess in lid width make these plates easy to pick-up and facilitate lid removal. The lid itself is irreversible due to a shaped corner on the lid and plate. These special handling features also serve to prevent ""sticking"" caused by condensation when the plates are stacked. A unique air-extraction, ventilation feature on the plate and lid maximizes external/internal gas exchange and considerably reduces media evaporation without altering the CO2 diffusion. The rings on the lid prevent cross-contamination from displacement of the individual well condensates.

Note: In addition to the top-quality surface-treated cell and tissue culture plates described above, we also offer low-cost untreated multi-well plates. The untreated plates have no special markings or writing surfaces, and no surface treatment for cell attachment. However, they are supplied as sterile multi-well plate plus lid. These are well suited for applications in which samples will remain in suspension or where the wells will be filled with agar media (for example C. elegans culture and screening).

Item Number   Well Type Quantity Per Case Price 4 or More Qty ->Cart
TPU9296 96 flat-bot. (untreated) 100 $91.89 $81.08

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