DigiTherm®160-channel Temperature Datalogger

TDL-160:  $6,918.92 - In Stock
The DigiTherm® 160 Channel Temperature Measurement and Data Logger lets you precisely monitor and log the temperature of 160 separate locations at once. We like to come up with memorable names for our products, so we call it the HectoHexeContaLogger™ (yes all that Greek means 160)! The TDL-160 plugs into your computer network, and then it can be controlled and data logged from any computer on the local network or on the internet. 160 numbered temperature sensors are epoxy dipped for easy cleaning and on the end of very flexible, thin wires that are up to 5 feet long for easy positioning. Simple commands allow you to calibrate the sensors to exactly the same value before starting an experiment, collect data from all 160 probes, a sub-range, or a single probe.

The system has a variety of uses including logging temperature data from many points within one or more incubators or freezers to prove temperature consistency or to show and know temperature variations precisely. It can be used with our DigiTherm® CO2 Incubator, Standard DigiTherm® Incubator, our CircKinetics™ Incubator, or any incubator, refrigerator, freezer, or coldroom that you own. This data logger unit includes firmware that outputs the data in a format that allows easy import and graphing in spreadsheets like Excel and OpenOffice, and easy control and data collection by programs like Labview.

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