Better Than Icebuckets

TIB-1:  $36.76 - In Stock
Fisher sells the "traditional" ice buckets for $50 to $70! Unbelievable!?! Well, Tritech Research comes to the rescue with high-tech injection molded polyethylene/polypropylene mini-ice chests filled with super-insulating polyurethane foam. They have attached lids that flip open (or detach if you prefer), and they are rectangular, just like your tube racks. These coolers keep your ice from melting for a long, long time, so you don't have to worry about your samples floating away. All models have comfortable, folding handles to make carrying them to and from the ice machine a breeze. Priced at just $25 to $50, once you use them, you can't believe you put up with the old ones for all those years.

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