Precision N2 Cylinder Pressure Regulator

TREG-N2:  $198.92 - In Stock
This precision single-stage pressure regulator performs as well as many two-stage regulators. It attaches to a high-pressure N2 cylinder, and maintains a stable lower pressure, set by the user. Nice clear gauges let you monitor remaining pressure in the cylinder and the set/delivered pressure on the low pressure side. TREG-N2 is ideal for attaching a Nitrogen cylinder to our MINJ-D All-Digital microINJECTOR™.

Here is a video that shows how to change the tubing in a quick-connect:


Q: Which knob is the vacuum pressure knob? Is it the giant white knob with a yellow sticker? Or perhaps the small metal round knob (about the size of a quarter)?
A: On the TREG-N2, the big white knob is used to set the input pressure to the MINJ-D, which must be a bit higher than any of the pressures you intend to use. The smaller silver knob is just a purge valve to allow you to bleed pressure from the system since the regulator is not self-relieving and when you try to turn down the input pressure by turning the white knob counter-clockwise, it may not fall without cracking open the purge valve.

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