SwitchOver™ CO2 Cylinder Automatic Backup Switcher

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The SwitchOver™ protects cell cultures, tissue cultures, and embryos in your CO2 incubators by monitoring the pressure in your CO2 cylinder and ensuring that the supply does not run out. Instead, when the active cylinder is nearly empty it will automatically switch your incubator to a new, full backup cylinder. It is simple to use: attach two regulated CO2 cylinders to the two inputs, and your incubator(s) to the output, plug it in, you are all set. Bright LEDs indicate the pressure status of each CO2 tank. When one is nearly empty, the SwitchOver™ switches to the other gas cylinder and beeps to alert you that it's time to change out the empty cylinder. Resetting the system silences the warning. If both tanks are empty, a long continuous alarm is sounded.

Our unique system continues to source CO2 to your incubator even if it loses power, and it remembers which tank it was using last when power becomes available.

It has 1/4-inch (6 mm) OD tube quick connect fittings for its input and output, so it fits perfectly between our CO2 Regulator and our DigiTherm® CO2 Incubator.

Additionally, the SwitchOver™ can be used equally well with inert gasses such as nitrogen, argon, and helium to prevent you from running out of these gasses during the course of your research. This includes Gas chromatography and/or mass spectroscopy (GC/MS) applications, anaerobic incubators, and other applications where the uninterrupted, unmonitored, continuous flow of inert gasses is required.

Here is a view of the SwitchOver's back panel:

Switchover back panel

Here is a video that shows how to change the tubing in a quick-connect:


Q: Can the Switchover be used with input pressures less than the recommended 25 psi (for example 1 bar ~ 14.5 psi)?
A: Yes, your input pressure can be set to 1 bar / 14.5 psi and the Switchover will still work just fine. Our unit uses pressure switches to indicate insufficient tank pressure at about 6 PSI. If the pressure gets down to about 6 PSI, the unit knows that the CO2 tank is empty, which triggers switching to the other tank and sounding of the alarm to remind you to replace the first tank.

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