Tritech Worm Pick Handle

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Platinum Picks

Worm Pick Handle
Worm pick Handle holding optional 90% Platinum 10% Iridium pick

As far as we know, this technology was developed in Paul Sternberg's lab at CalTech, and we're grateful to have learned about it from Cheryl Van Buskirk! Though it can be fun to play with fire and glass to make a single-use C. elegans pick from a melted Pasteur pipette, the resulting pick is not very practical or durable.

Ours is a super-strong, lightweight aluminum rod with a 4-jaw chuck at the end to grab and center your platinum wire pick. This means the platinum wire only needs to be a few millimeters longer than pick-length, so it's less wasteful than the melted glass version... PLUS you can turn the little piece of wire around and make a nice new worm spatula from the other end as well! Since you'll be using it for many hours (years?!), we've added a comfortable grip area where you can write your name!

Believe it or not, another company sells a worm pick handle for 10x our price (yes, $60!) and then you have to buy their wasteful magnetically-mounted wire to fit it. We felt that we had to come to the rescue with an inexpensive pick that is by and for real worm labs and make it available for your convenience.

For your convenience, we also sell pre-made double-headed worm picks made from our durable PT-9010 90% platinum 10% iridium wire. If one side gets worn out, you can turn it around and use the other side!

Here is a drawing with the approximate dimensions of our double headed worm picks:

drawing of worm pick

(Drawn to show the 2 ends)

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