Needle/Electrode Holder, w/ ø4mm Bar w/ angle adjustment

UPN-10:  $86.49 - Ships in 1-5 days
Narishige's UPN-10 holder can hold a 1 - 1.2mm pipette and permits setting an offset and an independent angle on the holding section. Since angles are set on two sections, it passes easily over obstacles like the wall of a dish. Recommended for use with our Little Giant series products such as YOU-3, YOU-4, US-3F, and U-31CF.

Angle adjustmentNoNoYesYes
Dimensions/Weight L80 × H12mm, 8gL70 × H5mm, 6gL93 × H11mm, 10gL69 × H11mm, 8g
Bar ø4mmø4mmø4mmø4mm

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