Pipette Return Mechanism

UT-R:  $702.70 - Special Order
* MMO-4 and MMO-202ND sold separately.

Retract and return of the pipette by remote control.

The UT-R adds an additional course hydraulic mechanism to retract and return your holder. This can be used in combination with three-dimensional joystick oil hydraulic micromanipulators such as MMO-4 and MMO-202ND to facilitate quick and easy changing of pipettes or specimens. The course movement is approximately 2mm per revolution of the remote control knob.


Accessory includedHex Wrench
Movement range10mm
Dimensions/WeightControl unitW22 x D36 x H60mm, 55g
Drive unitW20 x D60 x H45mm, 85g
Hydraulic tube length0.9m

System Diagram

Pipette Return mechanism system setup
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