Handheld UV Lamp

UV-1:  $46.49 - In Stock
Our little Hand-held UV Lamp Is Big on Illumination

Not a new concept, but an AMAZING price! These hand-held UV lights illuminate ethidium bromide stained DNA superbly (as good or better than the common models costing over 5 times as much).
  • Bright long-wavelength UV keeps DNA damage to a minimum
  • Light-weight design is easy to hold

UV gel samples
Our little hand-held UV
Traditional hand-held UV


Q: Does the UV-1 lamp work on cyber safe or glow safe dyes? What color light do they emit?
A: Our UV-1 emits mostly light in the UVA range of 300-400 nm. The dyes you mentioned above work best when excited with blue light that is 430-490 nm, so UV-1 is probably not a good choice. The UV excites some blue fluorescence from the agar, which then excites the dye. You can try one out if you would like, but we have not tested it for cyber green.

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