X-Block with 4mm and 10mm bar holes

UX-4-10:  $91.89 - Ships in 1-5 days
Narishige's X-block is used to combine a magnetic stand with a manipulator. The fixing screws are aligned in one direction to minimize the space. Each fixing bar is different in both diameter and length, so you should carefully select the right one for your intended use.

TypeUX-6-6 UX-6-10UX-10-10UX-4-10
Bar diametersø6mm × ø6mmø6mm × ø10mmø10mm × ø10mmø4mm × ø10mm
Dimensions/WeightW23 × D12 × 25mm, 8gW29 × D12 × H31mm, 12gW28 × D28 × H26mm, 44gW36 × D12 × H26mm, 22g

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