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Tritech Background

Tritech Research was started by Andrew Papp, Ph.D. (Harvard University, 1989) a molecular biologist frustrated with over-priced, often poorly designed research equipment that can make bench science tedious and unnecessarily time consuming. All the products we offer are designed to promote research. Some items do this by saving time so researchers can get more done, while others save them money. Each product we offer has been designed and tested under laboratory conditions with utility, convenience, quality, and economy in mind. When customers call to place an order or for customer service, their questions are answered by a skilled research biologist who can explain all the features (and any limitations) of our products. We gladly recommend solutions even if they involve products from other companies. We are open to, and appreciate, suggestions on how we can improve our products or service, as well as to new product ideas. We can even design custom equipment for unique research needs at reasonable prices.  Click HERE to learn more about our Custom Engineering Solutions.

We are environmentally conscious. Quality comes first, but Tritech Research makes an effort to use recycled and/or recyclable materials in our insulations, packaging, and packing. We have unbeatable savings. Our products are the best values around. Labs outside of California save even more with no sales tax.

Company philosophy:  Our goal is not to have the most customers - it is to have the most happy customers (see a partial list, below).  Word-of-mouth advertising and repeat customers allow us to focus our resources on developing new products and providing great service rather than on sales and advertising campaigns.

Awards and Intellectual Property

Recipient of National Institute of Health Small Business Innovation and Research (NIH SBIR) Phase I and II grant awards for "Improvements to Tumor Cell Electroporation". We used these funds to fully develop the Cloning Gun™ line of electroporation equipment for efficient gene transfer into bacterial and mammalian cells, the disposable Pipectrode™, and brought them to market.

U.S. Patents
18,100,575 Method and Device for Laboratory Formulation and Chemical Vending
10,705,324 High-efficiency Oblique Illumination System for Fluorescence Excitation and Detection
7,618,808 Remote Control Video Incubation and Reaction Chamber
5,422,272 Improvements to Apparatus and Method for Electroporation
5,120,419 Photoelectric Electrophoresis Controller
(Additional US and International Patents Pending.)

U.S. and International Trademarks
Tritech Research, Cloning Gun, BactoZapper, MammoZapper, Pipectrode, CompBooster, DigiTherm, microINJECTOR, PourBoy, GelStopper, GELS, Micromagnipulator, PappaCooler, RotaGrow, DeviceCom3, Oligo-Designer
(Additional Trademarks Pending.)

Service Marks
Biotechnology through Innovation, On the side of the Scientist, Microinjection Specialists

Domains under ownership include:

Core technologies
While Tritech Research has an unusually diverse product line, our specialties include gene transfer technology, temperature control, laboratory automation and supplying lower-cost disposables. Tritech sells over 750 different products, many manufactured in-house, and is an Authorized Distributor for more than 10 manufacturers, including industries ranging from microscopy to electronics to laboratory plasticware. We are the leading life sciences distributor for Narishige's line of micromanipulators and microtools.

Who uses Tritech Products?
Tritech has over 7000 Academic, Commercial, Government and Medical customers throughout the world, with products on every continent including Antarctica! As of 2019, 17 have won Nobel Prizes!

Our US academic customers include:

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) • Columbia University • Cornell University • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute • Emory University • Harvard Medical School • Harvard University • Howard Hughes Medical Institute • Johns Hopkins School of Medicine • Johns Hopkins University • Northwestern University • NYU Medical Center • Princeton University • Stanford University • The Salk Institute • UC Berkeley • UCLA • UC San Francisco • U Mass Medical Center • University of Chicago • University of Michigan • University of Washington • U Penn • U Penn School of Medicine • Vanderbilt University School of Medicine • Yale University

Our International customers include:

AUSTRALIA: Univ. of New England • Flinders University • Australian National University  CANADA: Univ. of British Columbia • Univ. of Alberta • McGill University  CHINA: 2nd Military Medical University, Shanghi • Xiamen University  FRANCE: CNRS • Univ Louis Pasteur • Univ. de Nice  GERMANY: Max Planck Institute Neurobiology • Institut für Genetik, Koln  ISRAEL: Technion • Weissman Institute • Tel Aviv University  JAPAN: Hokkaido Univ. • Nat'l Inst. Physio. • Univ. of Tokyo  KOREA: Kwangju Inst. of Sci. & Tech. • Yonsei Univ.  NETHERLANDS: Devgen N.V. . The Netherlands Cancer Institute  SWEDEN: Karolinska Institutet • Stockholm Univ. • Umea Univ.  SLOVAKIA: Slovak Academy of Sciences  SWITZERLAND: Biozentrum Universitat Basel • University of Lausanne • Universitat Zurich-Irchel  U.K.: Anachem, Ltd. • Imperial College of Sci., Tech. & Med • King's College London • MRC University of Oxford • Neuropa • Univ. of Aberdeen • Univ. of Cambridge • Univ. of Edinburgh

Our Commercial and Government customers include:

Ames Research Center (NASA) • Carl Zeiss, Inc. • Fisher Scientific • Genentech • Glaxo Wellcome, Inc. • Invitrogen • Jet Propulsion Lab (NASA) • Merck & Co., Inc. • National Cancer Institute • National Institutes of Health (NIH) • Novartis • Olympus • Ortho Pharmaceutical Corp. • SmithKline Beecham • U.S. Department of Agriculture

We can be contacted at:

Tritech Research, Inc.
2961 Veteran Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Phone: 310-446-4460
Fax: 310-475-1533
Toll-free: 800-7-333-TRI

Or, feel free to e-mail us at:
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