Customer-Inspired Product Development



Sea urchin Embryo Cooler

A customer needed cooled to various precise temperatures to maintain Sea Urchin embryos .  We developed a special DigiTherm® controller that controls the temperature by varying the rate of ice-water perfusion.


Stem Cells delivery system

A transgenic bird facility needed a way to reliably and consistently deliver stem cells into chicken embryos for high-throughput experiments.


In vitro fertilizer

A customer's team needed a quick-to-assemble / easy-to-transport dual workstation to conduct in vitro fertilization procedures at 37°C and 5% CO2 to increase their yield. Our effort is showcased on the left. On the right is how one assembles the system quickly.


scopebox assembly

The five steps to quickly assemble the in vitro fertilization chamber are shown.



Since its inception in 1991, Tritech Research has been providing expert Engineering Services and delivering Custom-Engineered products.  Checkout our unique miscellaneous group products that includes Platinum worm picks, lowcost ice buckets and handheld UV lamps. We specialize in the areas of scientific laboratory equipment, supplies, devices and processes.  Our goal is to quickly get an understanding of the customers' needs, and then to provide the simplest, most robust and cost-effective solution possible.  We understand that most research and manufacturing needs to be done on a tight budget, from our experience with our own products and projects, and we apply that understanding when you call to discuss your projects with us!

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Which projects can Tritech Research help with?

We enjoy providing solutions in the areas of:
temperature, atmosphere and process control systems (whether under a microscope or in a large chamber)
gene transfer (both DNA into cells and cells (eg. Embryonic Stem Cells) into embryos)

We are ready to help whether you need

   to control the temperature and percent CO2 of embryos under a microscope

   incubate and log the temperature of Spaghetti Sauce being manufactured for USDA approval

   microinject stem cells to efficiently produce transgenic livestock

   reflow solder on sensitive solid-state lasers

   remotely monitor and control your process over the internet

How do we provided solutions that are significantly better and/or less expensive and delivered faster than others?

   We're smart — you get to discuss your application with a Ph.D.-level specialist with practical experience (for free).

   We listen and ask questions to determine which parameters are important to you and which are not

   We're frugal — we know how to keep costs low on our standard products, and we'll minimize your costs, as well

   We're creative and knowledgeable — we think outside the box and apply our knowledge of existing products to your special applications

   We're adaptive — we can often start with our existing products and custom-modify them for you

   We have the resources — we have our own device lab and machinists standing by.