The Cloning Gun®: (BactoZapper® & MammoZapper®)
Electroporation Equipment for Mammalian Cells & Bacteria

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Pipectrode: Better Than Cuvette?

Temperature Graph


The Bar-Chart below shows transformation results with various cell types.
Click on the graph bars to see actual pictures of the transformed cells. Transformation graph
For a recent comparison of the Cloning Gun to other electroporators by The Scientist Magazine, click here for a copy of the article on our site, or here for The Scientist Website.
Comparison for 100 Transformations (>2 x 109/µg)**
 Company "Cuvettes" Cells* Supply Total Time in batches of 5
BioRad 2 x $135 10 x $99 $1260 200 min.
BRL 3 x $70 10 x $150 $1710 300 min.
BTX 2 x $126 none available $1800? 200 min.
Invitrogen 2 x $125 10 x $175 $1900 200 min.
Stratagene 2 x $135 10 x $135 $1620 200 min.
Strategene "Ultra Comp." 10 x $145 $1450 700 min.
and a world apart...
 Cloning Gun 2 x $75 5 x $50 $400  <17 min.

The products outlined above provide state-of-the-art replacements for the products in the table below. Tritech's mission is to lower the cost and speed the progress of biomedical research. We want you to get the best product for your research budget. Feel free to compare features and prices, then let us know what you think!


ECM 830 TheECM 830 generator is a square wave electroporator
ECM 630 TheECM 830 generator is a square wave electroporator
ECM 399 TheECM 830 generator is a square wave electroporator


Electroporator 2510 Eppendorf electroporator
Multiporator Eppendorf electroporator
TwinTip-Holder Eppendorf electroporator
TransferMan Eppendorf


Nucleofector Lonza Electroporator
AAD-1001 Lonza Electroporator
AAM-1001 Lonza Electroporator's 96-well shuttle


CUY21SC CUY21SC was developed for the electroporation in which genes are delivered into the very sensitive target such as adult mouse’ s brain and single cell.